Deceased estate and probate valuations arise when the estate of a deceased family member or friend needs to be sorted by the beneficiaries. Landlink valuers can provide accurate valuation reports in a timely and sensitive manner to facilitate in the resolution process among the beneficiaries.

Deceased estate and probate valuations may also require retrospective valuations, which involve assessing market value as at the date of death of the loved one. A careful and comprehensive valuation is pinnacle in these sorts of circumstances and underpin a smooth outcome for all involved. Landlink valuers have thorough knowledge and experience in conducting and dealing with probate valuations to determine the true and independent value of the property.

If you are a beneficiary and find yourself in a situation, where you are in need of determining the right value of a property that has been passed down to you, contact Landlink valuers on 1300 520 121 or email us at info@landlinkvaluations.com.au