Worrying about valuation for capital gains tax purposes?

We offer an array of valuation services to help our clients better plan their taxes. We conduct valuations for all types of properties including:

  1. House Property Valuation
  2. Commercial Property Valuation
  3. Industrial Property Valuation
  4. Retail Property Valuation
  5. Mixed Use Property Valuation

Calculating capital gains is one of the most crucial components in filing your taxes. An error in the same can lead to being liable to pay higher rates of Capital Gains Tax. Landlink Valuation can provide accurate valuation reporting which meets the requirements of the Australian Taxation Office.


Apt valuation for capital gains tax purposes

Valuation for capital gains is imperative if you have bought the property for investment purposes or sold an investment property. In such cases, it is essential to submit a valuation for Capital Gains Tax to the Australian Taxation Office.

When selling or transferring property you may incur a capital gain. Capital gains tax is the tax you pay on the capital gain of an asset. Landlink valuers are approved to undertake valuations for capital gain tax purposes to the ATO; this allows them to calculate the actual amount of tax owed. This also includes transfer in superannuation or trust entities.

Your accounting professional will direct you if you need to obtain a valuation for capital gains tax purposes. Landlink valuers are able to establish the value of your property at any specific date which may require a retrospective valuation. (i.e. valuation at a historical point in time).

Landlink valuers provide accurate capital gains valuations which allow our clients to improve their investment returns and tax position and take advantage of any tax exemptions or options to reduce their capital gains tax.

Why associate with us for valuation for capital gains tax purposes?

  1. Ability to conduct market research
  2. Access to the latest and up to date sales database
  3. Team of professional certified valuers
  4. Immense knowledge of property taxes and Capital Gains Tax situations

If you need a capital gains tax valuation and want to find out more on how we can assist you in any capital gain situation you can contact us on 1300 520 121 or request a quote online.