Financial & Asset Reporting

Retrospective Valuations

A retrospective property valuation is a price of property based on a previous time in history. One of the most common reasons it might be required is for Capital Gains Tax for investment properties that were acquired after 20 September 1985. Your CGT liabilities will depend on the property’s increase in value from the time it was purchased or first used as an investment property to the time it is being sold. Professional valuers have the role of accurately identifying the original property price at the date in question.

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Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is the disclosure of financial results and related information to management and external stakeholders (e.g., investors, customers, regulators) of how a company’s performance is over a period of time.

Financial reports are given monthly, quarterly or annually and include the following:

  • Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position
  • Income Statement or Profit and Loss Report
  • Statement of Changes in Equity or Statement of Retained Earnings
  • Cash Flow Statement

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