Commercial Property Valuation in Sydney for all purposes and requirements.

Landlink valuers provide valuation and advisory to individuals, businesses, financial accountants and SMSF to assist and add value to all areas of office investment, including those for stamp duty, tax, or family-law related purposes.

Commercial Property Types

  • Freehold commercial buildings
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Medical Centres

Our highly accredited valuers provide a high level of experience pertaining to commercial property valuations, industrial property valuations and retail property valuation.

Commercial property valuation requires a special skill set where the valuer is able to identify economic cycle trends, current use and future use of the property, analyse commercial leases and outgoings and determine current net cashflows.

Understanding the importance of conducting a check method when undertaking commercial property valuation is a vital, including a primary and secondary method of valuation. Landlink Valuation utilises both the direct comparison method and capitalisation method of valuation to arrive and provide an accurate assessment of value.

Landlink provide highly professional commercial property valuers which understand the different features and procedures between a commercial property valuation and a residential property valuation which includes identifying the difference between a personal asset and a business asset.

Our commercial property valuation experts in Sydney are accredited by API (Australian Property Institute). Advocating the true value of the property is the major task while undertaking commercial property valuations. We are reputed for offering detailed and reliable valuation reports. The property valuation services we offer always carries a great element of success.

Commercial property valuations reports are required for many purposes and are done with equal care and research. The clarity in reports and the transparency in our work makes Landlink Valuations a reliable solution for all your property valuation matters.