Family Law Property Valuations

Expert Family Law Property Valuations

Marriage and relationship break downs can lead to very stressful and emotional times for all families. The separation of parties can raise complicated issues and concerns about the future of any property involved. Obtaining an accurate, impartial valuation can ease the process for everyone in determining the worth of any disputed property.

Landlink valuers handle each case professionally and sensitively, whether acting on behalf of both parties or acting independently for one of the parties. We provide a fair and accurate assessment that can help to assist in this legal process from start to finish.

Family law property valuations require additional detail when presented as expert evidence during court hearings. However, mediation requires a shorter form of reporting which is tailored to aid in facilitating an agreement. The cost of property valuation will be determined by the stage of your matter. Our extensive experience in family law property valuations allows us to tailor our service to aid and provide confidence during property disputes. Whether you seek a valuation for family law mediation or for the courts, Landlink Valuations provide accurate, independent and clear reporting tailored to provide certainty in your matter. 


Our approach

  1. Transparency: Landlink Valuations provide a diligent and transparent approach at all levels. Unbiased valuation reporting with utmost precision and care.
  2. Empathy: We thoroughly understand the intricacy of family law situations and how sensitive a family property matter can be. Therefore, we give special attention to family law property valuations to ensure fairness and an experience that is as stress-free as possible. 
  3. Agility: We are well aware that our property valuation report can be used as evidence in the court. Therefore, we are always alert while drafting and submitting our report. Our valuation reports are well researched and meet the standard of the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court.
  4. Accreditation: Landlink Valuations are accredited with the Australian Property Institute. We are well qualified and highly recognised as one of the leading and professional valuation firm for family law property valuations.

Expert Evidence for Family Law Court

Our valuers have extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the court system including the Family Law Court and the Federal Circuit Court. Adhering to the relevant legislation including Section 15.5.4, 15.5.5 and 15.5.6 for expert evidence for Family Court and CM7 for the Federal Circuit Court which allows us to guarantee proper and accurate expert evidence to meet the needs of courts while abiding to the strict code of ethics and guidelines governed by the Australian Property Institute 

Our valuers have extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the court system and relevant legislation which allows us to guarantee turnaround times to meet the needs of courts and tribunals.

If you find yourself in any property dispute, regardless of the situation, obtaining a family law property valuation is critical in making the process smooth and efficient. To find out how we can assist you with your matter, you can contact us on 1300 520 121 or email us at