Insurance ‘Replacement Cost’ Valuations

Insurance ‘Replacement Cost’ Valuations

Landlink Valuations provide comprehensive Insurance Replacement Cost Estimate reports for residential, industrial or commercial property.

An independent Insurance Valuation report is required if you:

  • Are part of the owner’s corporation or a strata manager and require a building insurance valuation to determine insurance premiums.
  • Need an insurance valuation report as it has been two or three years since your last insurance valuation.
  • Alterations to your overall asset portfolio through acquisition or sale of properties.
  • Reviewing or conducting risk management strategies.

Landlink Valuers are highly experienced in the area of insurance valuation assuring your property’s replacement cost report is conducted correctly.

The building replacement cost is just one component. Landlink Valuers understand the additional components and costs involved within an insurance valuation providing a detailed report giving you the confidence that you have the right assessment for your insurance cover.

Our insurance valuations include:

  • On-site property and building inspection and measurements.
  • Cost of demolition, removal of debris and building safety.
  • Replacement or Reinstatement of the subject building.
  • Extra cost of reinstatement.
  • Professional fees including, surveyors, architects, legal fees etc.
  • Escalation costs including lead time, construction time and insurance period.
  • Goods & Services Tax (G.S.T)

Landlink Valuations provide accurate replacement cost valuations and expert advice ensuring no overpayment in insurance premiums and at the same time providing you with the confidence and peace of mind in knowing your building/assets are not being underinsured.

If you require assistance with your insurance valuation or are after that peace of mind that you have taken the right amount of cover for your property contact us on 1300 520 121 or email us at