Transfer Duty (previously known as stamp duty) is a tax imposed upon the transfer of ownership when purchasing a property. The stamp duty amount is determined by the market value of the property at the time of transfer which is a legal requirement of the Office of State Revenue and needs to be assessed by a certified practising valuer.

If you are selling or gifting property to a family member, friend or business partner and the asset was not advertised on the open market, a stamp duty valuation report may be required to assess the market value which will determine the amount of stamp duty the purchaser/receiver will be required to pay.


Hire a professional for stamp duty valuations

Obtaining a Stamp duty valuation is an important requirement when it comes to the transfer and registration of property. An error in the stamp duty valuation report can lead to the payment of high stamp duty fees. Hiring a professional valuation firm like Landlink Valuations for stamp duty valuations can be highly important for this reason, so you can ensure you get it right. Take advantage of our professional service to ensure you pay only the exact amount on transfer duty, and nothing extra. 

Landlink valuers provide accurate valuations to our clients to ensure they are not paying more stamp duty tax than required. These clients include individuals, solicitors, conveyancers and company and trust entities. You can also use the online tool at stamp duty calculator to estimate the amount of stamp duty payable.

Reputed valuers for Stamp duty Valuation

Landlink Valuations are the experts in providing stamp duty valuations. Our certified property valuers inspect and provide precise reporting which meets the requirements of the Land Titles Office, Revenue NSW and other government bodies when transferring your property.

If you are interested in finding out more about transfer duty and want to know how we can assist you with your stamp duty valuation, you can contact us on 1300 520 121 or request a quote online.