Landlink Valuations provide and specalise in Unit Entitlement Valuations which mainly services builders, developers and surveyors. When a strata plan is registered, each lot within the strata scheme is given a unit entitlement which is reflective of the owner’s share in the owner’s corporation. A lot’s unit entitlement is determined by the ‘market value’ of the lot.

Under the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015, it is now mandatory that a qualified valuer determine unit entitlements when the strata scheme is established. Landlink valuers certify that the unit entitlements have been apportioned in an appropriate and legally compliant manner, in accordance with legislation requirements, and based on market value as at the date of valuation.

If you are an individual builder, private developer or surveyor involved in the development of Strata Plans and your project is nearing completion, you may require a unit entitlement valuation report. The new process of coordinating and executing the admin sheets of strata plans require multiple signing by experts and council.

Over the years we have handled many, and hold appropriate experience in, Unit Entitlement Valuations. We have offered our professional service to small, medium, and large developers providing accurate unit entitlement valuation in a complaint turnaround time to reduce the risk of delays in the development timeframe. We service commercial, industrial and residential strata unit developments providing unit entitlement valuation apportionment to many types of developments which may include:

  • Strata titled duplex sites
  • Townhouse developments
  • Villa developments
  • Apartment/unit developments
  • Strata titled commercial/industrial developments

To find out more on how we can guide you in this process you can contact us on 1300 520 121 or email us on info@landlinkvaluations.com.au